Environmental Policy

UniTech are committed to reviewing how our business affects the environment and will seek to improve its environmental performance in all areas possible.

The company aims to minimise the use of all materials, supplies and energy wherever possible and will utilise recyclable materials and components. It will continue to promote the use of electronic commerce and mail in an effort to further reduce paper wastage.

In addition, we will strive to introduce home working technologies, both for ourselves and our customers, thus reducing the burden on travel, both public and private.

As a company we will strive to communicate this policy both internally and externally, foster the commitment of all management and staff, and continue to make enquiries on the environmental credibility of our suppliers.

As a company located within a semi-residential area we are particularly committed to reviewing the impact of our business has on the local community.

The company is a member of The Prince's Mayday Network, which is a network of businesses committed to the transformational change required of companies to secure a truly sustainable future for our planet and its peoples.

The policy statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The management team endorses these policy statements and is fully committed to their implementation.